15 Austin Fitness Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

We at FitnessTrainer.com love following fitness Instagram influencers for fitspiration, workout tips and meal ideas. While we enjoy looking at posts from individuals and companies all across the country, we realized that there are plenty of fitness fanatics sharing motivational photos and videos right here in Austin, Texas. If you love working out, nutrition or need some help getting started on a fitness journey, check out these Austinites’ Instagram accounts today.


DJ Sherman


Rachel Sims Baker

Time for a workout and video creation! #somuchstuff #bagsandbeveragesgalore #fannypacklife

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Snippet of today’s yoga flow: @kathrynbudig’s Home Practice on @yogaglo, which is bound to be one of my favorites. So juicy. A video posted by Rachel Sims Baker, Austin TX (@caffeinatedfitness) on


Brad Strilchuk

A short #video of one of my sets of paused #squats last week. If you have access to a #power rack, I’d recommend using that for these to help get a true pause. Also, make sure and use a significantly lighter weight than you would as opposed to your normal squat weight. Here I’m using around 20% less than my normal 6 rep max. Some benefits of paused squats include but are not limited to: develop explosive power, eliminates a lot of momentum to help target in on a specific muscle(s), increase overall #strength, help build your core, etc. @atxbodyflex #exercisevideos #quads #glutes #training #personaltrainer #atxtraining #austinfitness #dedicated #flexibledieting #gainz #lifestyle #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym A video posted by Brad Strilchuk (@bradspersonaltraining) on


Christy Smith

#sweateveryday #crossfitgirls #crossfitlife #bearcreekfalls #crossfit #abundance #FUNctionalfitness

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Zoaty oatmealy breakfast porn It is actually insane how late I’ve been sleeping in. Not gonna lie 9am is a record for me I am seriously such an early birdI have no idea what’s going on!! On the food note, I added in some chia seeds today after watching @chelsea_lifts vlog with her oats that look soooooo yummy and thick. (Ps- her vlogs rock, and Chelsea is super funny so check her out). I added blackberries and chocolate chips on top! Perfect pre workout meal before I crush it at the gym then have to head to work! Yall have a great Saturday❤️ #zoats #oatmealporn #proats #macros #proteinoatmeal #foodisfuel #gymfood #girlswhoworkout #girlswholift #healthyfoodporn #flexfood #foodporn #healthylifestyle #sexbowl #strongnotskinny #iifym #iifymgirls #ifitfitsyourmacros #flexibledieting #fitfoodie A photo posted by Foodie & Fit Fanatic (@iswear_itshealthy) on





Danny Mendoza




Leah Bahrencu

Hey everyone…. So I’m joining the crowd of #fridayintroductions I am so excited to see so many new friends and love getting to know you all and hearing about your journey. I appreciate you all and just want to share with you a bit about me. I am a new wife (almost to our 1 year anniversary) married to Vlad and we are hoping to start a family here in the near future. I am a very proud owner of a very grumpy English Bulldog. I am a health & wellness coach and my passion is helping people learn to live and lead a healthy life and to learn to trust and love themselves. My weakness is bread! Now I’m not one of those that thinks carbs are the enemy, they are good for you and important to have balanced nutrition. However I could eat them ALL DAY long and that doesn’t work for me and my health goals! What is one of your weaknesses?

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Crystal Bristow