8 Delicious Ways to Eat Healthy Vegetables for Breakfast

What did you eat for breakfast?

Sugary cereal? A fast food egg sandwich? Nothing at all?

Breakfast isn’t called the “most important meal of the day” for nothing. It’s a great way to kickstart your morning and fill your body with wholesome nutrients that will keep you energized for hours.

What should you be eating for breakfast, though? A piece of fruit or slice of toast isn’t bad, but how about getting some much needed veggies in before 9 a.m.?

Start your day the right way with these eight delicious recipes that incorporate vegetables into traditional breakfast dishes.

Rest a soft boiled egg on a bed of asparagus.

photo credit: Katy She Cooks

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Bake an egg inside a bell pepper.

photo credit: Weelicious

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Blend a carrot and cantaloupe smoothie.

photo credit: Almonds and Avocados

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Whip up an egg white omelette with kale and mushrooms.

photo credit: Taste Spotting

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Mix berries into a bowl of lentils.

photo credit: Gypsy Roller’s Veggie Kitchen

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Layer a stack of whole wheat sweet potato pancakes.

photo credit: Becca Bakes

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Put a poached egg on top of sautéed spinach on toast.

photo credit: Growing a Greener World

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Spread fresh tomatoes across wheat toast smeared with avocado.

photo credit: Stylish 365

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