Are These the 5 Most Fun Fitness Classes in Houston?

In the sprawling megalopolis of Houston, one of the nation’s most diverse cities, variety pervades all aspects of life — from professional sports teams to museums and restaurants. Houstonians can also find diversity within the city’s fitness community, where classes like Bollywood dancing and aerial arts ensure that the exercise enthusiast will never be bored.

If you’re a Houston resident who is tired of a monotonous gym routine, step off the StairMaster and start exploring the fun and unique fitness offerings in your city. These five classes might be the most exciting workout experiences Houston has to offer, so what are you waiting for? Mix up your routine and head to the studio near you today.

These are our picks for the fitness classes in Houston you should check out first.


at Row Studios

Row Studios on

What is it? As its name suggests, ROWga is a combination of HIIT rowing followed by restorative yoga. Spend the first 30 minutes of class building your endurance and the last 45 re-energizing yourself.

How much? $25 for one class, month-by-month membership rates also available

DEFINE revolution

at Define Body

What is it? Participants in a 45-minute DEFINE revolution class can expect a combination of indoor cycling, isometrics and choreographed movements all set to an upbeat soundtrack.

How much? $20 for one class, packages and month-by-month membership rates also available


at Various Locations

GrooveBounceFun on

What is it? If you want to feel like a kid again, GrooveBounceFun will allow you to do just that. Strap on your Kangoo boots to participate in a low-impact workout that includes rebounding exercises and hip-hop dance.

How much? $10 for boot owners, $15 for boot rental

Aerial Classes

at VauLt Houston

VauLt Houston on

What is it? Feel the burn in your arms and abs from the air with a beginner’s aerial arts course at VauLt Houston that combines yoga, dance and pilates. Start on the ground to build your strength, flexibility and skills before climbing the silk to perform trapeze artist tricks.

How much? $21 for a “sampler” class, $135 for a six-week course

Bollywood Workout

at Bollywood Shake
Bollywood Shake Houston on

Bollywood Shake Houston on

What is it? A Bollywood Workout class takes traditional Bollywood dancing to the next level by incorporating strength, agility and flexibility training.

How much? $10 for first class, $15 for drop-in, month-by-month membership rates also available