Are These the Best Fitness Classes in Washington, D.C.?


Tired of your same old gym routine or running route around the National Mall? Then explore the variety of group exercise classes in Washington, D.C. that range from traditional to whimsical. Whether you like dancing, pilates or working your muscles to exhaustion, there’s a workout class in D.C. that’s right for you. We think the following just might be the best group fitness classes in the nation’s capital.


6728 Industrial Road

It’s pronounced Kah-zah-shay and its name means “House of Positive Vibes.”  If you love a good dance party, you’ll enjoy this 60-minute fitness class that’s all twirls, whirls and twerks. Sweat and smile to the sounds of hip hop, samba, reggae music and more with founder Azuka-Bom or one of the studio’s many energetic instructors. Try a class for just $6 and come feel the positive vibes for yourself.


1821 7th St NW, 433 Mass. Ave NW, 3308 Wisconsin Ave NW

If you’re a fitness fanatic, the high-intensity, 50-minute, full-body workout at [solidcore] is right for you. In a small classroom setting with no more than 13 students, qualified instructors will guide you through strength training movements in building — you guessed it — a solid core, among other muscles. If you want to seriously tone up, check out [solidcore] for just $25 for your first two classes.

B. fit

1339 14th St Ste 3

B. fit is a true D.C. gem (no pun intended), located in a bright, airy converted apartment at Logan Circle. The barre studio is locally owned by a former barre student who opened shop when she relocated to D.C. in 2006. If you’re new to barre, B. Fit’s “barre-tenders” will help you learn the basics of the workout that’s a cross between ballet, pilates and strength training. Barre Burner classes are available to more advanced students. Try a walk-in class for just $22.

Fuse Pilates

2008 Hillyer Place NW, 1401 14th, ST NW

What’s so special about Fuse Pilates? It’s the studio’s innovative workouts that keep customers coming back for more. All classes combine aspects from other fields of fitness, like yoga, barre and plyometrics, so you’ll never be bored doing traditional pilates. Check out offerings specific to you, like mat classes for runners or prenatal pilates. Single classes range from $19 to $40, but Fuse has several specials for first-timers, including four classes for $40.

Head to the fitness class that looks most appealing to you for one of the best workouts you’ll find in D.C. Or, challenge yourself and check out all four! For more exercise options in D.C., review FitnessTrainer’s list of local personal trainers.