Houston Health and Nutrition Blogs to Start Following Now

Houston is known as a utopia for foodies and sports fans, but it’s not all Creole cuisine and Astros games in this Texas city. Houstonians also love eating clean, working out and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, and no one proves that more than these Houston-based nutrition and wellness bloggers. If you’re looking for a good read, head to one of these writers’ sites that are combining the best of foodism, fitness and Houston living.

The Petite Professional

by Claire


What is The Petite ProfessionalBefore she was The Petite Professional, Claire was The Slender Student, and published recipe and workout posts that fit the college lifestyle. Now her blog reflects an even healthier way of life, and she focuses on writing about food and fitness tips that appeal to young professionals.

Posts we like: What fitness gear should you keep in your apartment? “At Home Fitness + Recovery” will tell you why a golf ball is an essential post-workout tool. Are you a huge Tex-Mex fan? Indulge in Claire’s recipe for a “Single Serving Burrito Bowl,” complete with shredded rotisserie chicken, Greek yogurt and avocados.

She Rocks Fitness

by Katie


What is She Rocks FitnessAn athlete all her life, Katie followed her passion for health and wellness by becoming a certified personal trainer and fitness blogger. She writes about workouts, healthy eating and living well.

Posts we like: Looking for a challenging workout that’s easy to do at home? “TRX At-Home She ROCKS Workout” gives you a 30-minute workout plan, plus how-to videos. And if you want a tasty, wholesome breakfast after a morning workout, read Katie’s recipe for She ROCKS Coconut Flour Waffles.

A Tasty Mess

by Lizzy


What is A Tasty Mess? We’re not sure which Lizzy is better at: making food or taking pictures of it. A recipe creator and photographer, Lizzy chronicles her adventures in preparing mouthwatering meals while also living a healthy lifestyle.

Posts we like: If you’re busy and active, it’s difficult to find time for food preparation. Thankfully, Lizzy posts “30 Minute Meals,” like these “Amazing, Quick and Healthy Black Bean Burgers.” And for those who want something besides a turkey sandwich at the office, check out Lizzy’s recipe for Black Bean Hatch Chili, a vegetarian dish that’s easy to reheat at work!

Paleo Crumbs

by Macy

What is Paleo CrumbsAuthor Macy is just 17 years old, but she’s already making a mark on the food blogging world. After being diagnosed with several chronic health diseases that affect her appetite and ability to eat certain foods, Macy decided to start creating and writing about Paleo recipes that are delicious no matter your diet restrictions.

Posts we like: It’s summertime, so we’re constantly in the mood for frozen treats. Macy’s Strawberries & Cream Popsicles are sure to satisfy on a hot day. If you’re looking for a new healthy snack to try, read Macy’s recipe for Creamy Avocado Dip plus Artisan Tropic chip review.

Whether you’re a Houston native or live across the country, be sure to follow these inspiring women for advice on living healthy!


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