How yoga is a more effective treatment than e-cigarettes to aid smoking cessation


We are all aware of the various health dangers that smoking presents us, at the end of the day there is a reason it is called the cancer stick and can cause harm to nearly every organ in your body. From causing a number of cancers, lung and heart disease, as well as ruining your skin and teeth, there isn’t much good that comes from them. With smoking resulting in around 90% of all lung cancers in men and women, it is no wonder that the majority want to cut down or even kick the habit altogether. There are many methods presented to us in order to achieve this, but given the addictiveness of nicotine in cigarettes, it makes it very difficult indeed.

One recent phenomenon that has become increasing popular, is the use of e-cigarettes or “vaping” as it is well-known. The idea is that individuals can control the amount of nicotine that is in the liquid and thus gradually decrease their intake over a period of time until they reach the desired level or quit altogether. It is also believed that they are a purer version of cigarettes and do less damage health wise.


In theory, this seems like a good method, but it could also lead to more smoking more. Recent studies have actually found that the liquid is toxic and contains many chemical by-products that can harm users over the long-term. The problem with flavored nicotine that individuals can pick to have in their e-cigarettes can actually make them more enticing and result in them using them more than they would with normal cigarettes and thus increasing their nicotine intake.

Smoking is popular because it is used as a stress-reliever. There are many alternative methods out there to help people reduce stress, one of these being yoga. As well as having a range of health benefits, it essentially works as an enjoyable exercise that is proven to relieve any stress and pressure that an individual may feel. It is these stresses that cause people to smoke in the first place. If yoga can be combined with an attitude of wanting to give up the habit then it is proven to be a far more healthier and effective way of giving up smoking altogether.