Michelle Obama says, Let’s Move

Let's Move

With our focus on Washington DC this week, it’s only fitting that we give a big shout out to Let’s Move, our First Lady’s initiative to reverse the out-of-control childhood obesity that is plaguing the United States. Today, between 30-40% of American kids are overweight or obese. They are children of the digital world, more interested in sitting in front of a screen rather than run around outside for their entertainment. We are also a country of processed junk food. Sugar and chemicals have taken over most Americans’ diets, especially our youth. So, now that we have some of the facts, what are we doing about it? This is where Michelle Obama steps in.


Let’s Move is “America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids.” It tackles the issue of childhood obesity head-on by making all of us responsible. If we want our youth to grow up with the tools to lead a healthy life, then we (their parents, their teachers, their elders) must teach them through our words and our actions. We must lead by example and show the next generation how to maximize health and live a long life.

While the Let’s Move website lays out the dangers of childhood obesity, the majority of its content focuses on solutions to avoid weight issues and have a much healthier lifestyle. There are strategies for families, for schools, and for communities. Healthy foods should be accessible and affordable wherever you and your kids are, whether that is at home, at school, or just in their neighborhood. Kids should be encouraged to go outside, play in parks, and join sports teams. The comprehensive initiative lays out clear tips and plans that we can all implement into our lives.

Way to go Michelle Obama! Let’s all heed her advice and Let’s Move America!