My Favorite Austin Smoothies


These smoothie bars have perfected the art of blended meals. There’s really nothing better than a fresh blend of fruits, veggies, and protein supplements (anywhere from nut butters to hemp and brown rice protein). Try one of my favorite Austin smoothies today!


It’s hard to live in Austin and never have tried JuiceLand. With a location right near Town Lake trail and up the hill from Austin High School, this smoothie bar is a hotspot for all of those just finishing a workout. The Clementine is by far my favorite, but the bar offers a wide assortment of green and energy smoothies. You can also choose from the inexhaustive list of protein supplements to add some body to your drink.


I tried Blenders and Bowls for the first time a week ago and instantly fell in love with it. As the name suggests, the bar offers all sorts of smoothies (i.e. blenders) as well as acai bowls (i.e. bowls). While I ordered a special mango acai bowl topped with mango chunks, strawberries, almonds, and coconut, my friend ordered the Green Bowl, an avocado, spinach, almond butter, and fruit-filled bowl. The two had very different tastes and textures, but they were equally delicious. I have not ventured to the smoothie side of the menu, but the nutritionally dense blends look very appealing. I can’t wait to go back to try another one of their creations.


In my opinion, Whole Foods offers some of the freshest and most delicious smoothies in Austin. Mango Tango and the Banana Nut are two smoothies you don’t want to miss. As well as filling up on a smoothie, you can find an expansive salad bar and pretty much any type of food, both healthy and indulgent, in the market.


I have yet to try the Soup Peddler, but I can’t wait to after browsing their menu. As their title suggests, this little cafe is known for its exquisite daily soups, but their smoothie menu is no laughing matter either. They have anything from the most basic fruit smoothies to “Upper Echelon” smoothies that can contain such things as an espresso shots, tahini, and rosewater. I am itching to try their simple Mango OJ (mango!) as well as their flavor-packed Duane Almond.


Another Austin go-to, Daily Juice serves up delicious smoothies. While I’m more of a JuiceLand gal, their Tropicador and their Progrein are more than satisfying. They also serve acai bowls, and I have to say they look like fair competition to Blenders and Bowls.

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