New FT Personal Trainer: Benjamin T. in Philadelphia, PA


We would like to welcome Benjamin T. from Philadelphia, PA, to the team. We pride ourselves on bringing not only quality trainers, but quality people as well, which is why we are so excited to have Benjamin on board. If you live in Philadelphia, PA, review Benjamin’s qualifications and training experience below to see if they would be the right trainer for you. Again, we are happy to expand our personal training services in Philadelphia, PA, with the addition of Benjamin. Sign up with Benjamin T. today!

About Benjamin
Hi there, my name is Benjamin and my background is in soccer/track/bodybuilding. I have also worked in and been around the medical field all of my life seeing as how both of my parents were in the industry all their lives. Health and fitness has always been a passion of mine and I think it is more important now than ever for people to pay a little more attention to what they are consuming and how much and what kind of exercise they are getting. Quality of the exercise is also so very important along with factors such as nutrient timing and form. I am very personable and enjoy teaching others to live a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s for a marathon or a competition, or simply to be in better shape than before. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

Training Experience: 1 years

Client Success Story
Personal success story from when I was 30 lbs overweight and had to go to the Digestive Disease Center because of all the nutrition issues I was having. Since then, over two years ago, I am a minimum of 30 lbs lighter and miles ahead on my nutrition game. I have increased muscle mass while also losing at least 10 percent body fat. I feel and look healthier, perform better and more efficiently. I have also helped clients lose fat correctly as to keep their progress even when not always on meal plan.