New FT Personal Trainer: Jamar P. in Charlotte, NC


We would like to welcome Jamar P. from Charlotte, NC, to the team. We pride ourselves on bringing not only quality trainers, but quality people as well, which is why we are so excited to have Jamar on board. If you live in Charlotte, NC, review Jamar’s qualifications and training experience below to see if they would be the right trainer for you. Again, we are happy to expand our personal training services in Charlotte, NC, with the addition of Jamar. Sign up with Jamar P. today!

About Jamar
I am a Charlotte native and received my bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from Johnson and Wales University. While in school, I competed an internship with the Charlotte Bobcats (corporate and basketball communications and marketing) and worked for Adidas marketing. Promoting new products by Adidas and doing promotional work for the NBA kept me busy traveling while I hustled to maintain my full time job at the Westin Charlotte and to finish school. After graduating a semester early, I was offered a position in Miami with the Miami Heat NBA franchise and then moved on to accept an internship with Twan Russell, former linebacker for the Miami Dolphins.

After about a year, I returned home to Charlotte and accepted a position in sales and marketing back at the Westin Charlotte. One of my primary functions in this position was to maintain relations between all the NBA and NFL teams that traveled to Charlotte for games, as well as entertaining Westin clients.

After years of working in corporate America, I made the monumental decision to leave my job and follow my passion for changing people’s lives through improved fitness and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. I went back to school to become a certified personal trainer through the WITS Certified Personal Training Institute, where I received a diploma after six months of extensive training. This program taught me everything from bio-genetics, proper assessments to program design and most importantly, nutrition.

During my youth, I faced weight and confidence challenges, but was able to overcome those challenges by my mid 20’s to become the healthier person I am today. It’s my hope that I will be able to share my experience and passion to help you do the same by encouraging you to become FIT Bye Pharr!

Training Experience: 6 years

Client Success Story
A testimonial from one of my clients:

Oh my goodness Jamar, this email found me at a time where I am truly kicking my own a** in these weeks of training. I’m trying so hard to keep myself motivated to do what I have found for the last several months so hard. You have changed my entire mind in working out. My energy, my happiness, my strength, my confidence, not to be give to much info , but our amazing sex life ( which was in desperate shape because of my low, low self-confidence )I can tell you this, a good sex life is key no matter what anyone says to a happy marriage. It keeps you young, spirited and happy! My husband gave me an amazing weekend because he knows my struggle these past few months and we talked and I told him he is NOT allowed to let me fall off and neither am I. So happy to report this week is new and I’m getting it together and will motivate myself every day not to forget what I am after and that is a better life for me which will be a better life for my children and my honey! I am soooooo grateful you chose to work with me because I would probably still be 200 lbs if you didn’t, you have gave me, my husband and my kids their mom and wife back and you led me to myself again. I can’t thank you enough! I will not give up on pushing myself always and you gave me that tool for my belt! I will value it always its one of my most important tools to get through this crazy life ! I also wanted to tell you my husband has lost 15 lbs and I I can see his abs again too! See what you gave us? Each other! We have become so happy again, and we flirt again, we laugh again, and we are so much closer and that comes from the confidence we have gained through feeling good inside and about our bodies which gave us our amazing sex life back ! Remember that was one of the big things in the beginning that we needed desperately back in our life. Not to get to personal but its a big part of my story. The kids and I are outside playing basketball, having races, and I can handle that for longer periods without getting tired. Hannah is proud of me and looks at me different. She has been giving me all kinds of hell lately for slacking around. Everyone is noticing the changes in me. Thank you for not only challenging me but showing me I can accept the challenge, that I am capable, that I am IMPORTANT and most importantly for not giving up on me! I didn’t work this hard to go back so don’t worry to much , I got this! I will always be grateful for YOU! I just wanted to thank you for everything, I needed your email today my friend! :)