New FT Personal Trainer: Jesse G. in Austin, TX

We would like to welcome Jesse G. from Austin, TX, to the team. We pride ourselves on bringing not only quality trainers, but quality people as well, which is why we are so excited to have Jesse on board. If you live in Austin, TX, review Jesse’s qualifications and training experience below to see if they would be the right trainer for you. Again, we are happy to expand our personal training services in Austin, TX, with the addition of Jesse. Sign up with Jesse G. today!

About Jesse
After eight years in the Military Special Operations, I have moved to the wonderful city of Austin to start my new life! During my eight years in the Navy, I competed in multiple Ironman Triathlons, a dozen marathons and multiple shorter distance races. Although my athletic history is primarily in endurance sports, my professional life required me to also be proficient in functional training and weight training. I am an ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and I would love to help you improve your athletic performance, drop a few pounds, or gain strength/size!

Training Experience: 3 years

Client Success Story
Two of my endurance clients’ success came when they wanted to run in Ironman 70.3 Kona. They had never run a triathlon, let alone the Half Ironman in Kona, considered some of the harshest terrain in the world! They trained with me for four months leading up to the race. Both took on the 100+ degree lava fields and 50 mph crosswinds like champs and completed it in their goal times! My best weight loss client is still ongoing. She has lost 8.5 inches in a month and half. She is in her early 50’s, has bad hips, knees and back and exercise is very difficult for her. It’s a slow but steady program and the results are life altering!