New FT Personal Trainer: Ryan G. in Fort Worth, TX

We would like to welcome Ryan G. from Fort Worth, TX, to the team. We pride ourselves on bringing not only quality trainers, but quality people as well, which is why we are so excited to have Ryan on board. If you live in Fort Worth, TX, review Ryan’s qualifications and training experience below to see if they would be the right trainer for you. Again, we are happy to expand our personal training services in Fort Worth, TX, with the addition of Ryan. Sign up with Ryan G. today!

About Ryan
Hello, my name is Ryan and I have been a personal trainer for around four years. I love my job! I’m incredibly passionate when it comes to fitness and helping others. I strive to get my clients the best results possible by helping them make healthy lifestyle changes. I graduated from Texas State University with a BA in Exercise, Sports Science and have also attained a my certification from the American College of Sports Science.

Training Experience: 4 years

Client Success Story
Here’s a testimonial from one of my former clients, Ashley.
In April of 2013, I joined the gym to start on my weight loss goal. At this point in my life, I was almost 225 lbs. I was embarrassed about my weight and health. I did not want to admit my weight or seek out help for the fear of having to share this with anyone. I started working out on my own and I tried eating better. After a month on my own, I found out I was not going to the gym as often as I should have, and I still was not making the right choices on what to eat. Long story short, I was not losing any weight! After a month of frustration, my sister started personal training and asked me to join her.

I started group training in May of 2013 with Ryan. When I started the group training I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. My sister has always been a petite, “fit” person and the idea of a trainer scared me. I then had two people to keep me accountable and to support me. Ryan did such an awesome job focusing on both of us and training us at different levels. He was able to work on our strengths and most important, challenge us were we needed improvement. He gave us both individual attention and motivation, even in the group setting. I started to see MAJOR improvements in the first couple of months in my physical fit level and in weight loss. I wanted to take it to the next step: personal training by myself! For the next ten months I trained with Ryan three times a week. My fit level increased and the weight melted off!!

In total, I trained with Ryan for one year. In that year I lost 60 lbs and countless number of inches. I went from not being able to run a quarter of a mile to running almost three miles. I have gained so much strength and confidence during this time. Ryan is such an awesome personal trainer! He has encouraged me, pushed me, and challenged me the whole way. It seemed like every training session I was able to meet new goals. I always felt safe training with Ryan, and I knew he would not tell me to do something that I could not. He pushed me to my maximum levels, and kept me accountable about my nutrition. I would not be where I am today without Ryan’s guidance and support.