Restore Cryotherapy: Feel Great in Three Minutes

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I walked in a skeptic and walked out a complete convert.

I scheduled my appointment with Restore Cryotherapy in South Austin without any clue what to expect. I had looked over the website and watched the video, but the whole idea was something that I could not really get my head around. All I really had to go off of was all of the crazy fit people on the website who looked like they were covered in chalk and the page that listed all of the hard to believe benefits that could come from a session. In all honesty, all I could think was that I was going in to take a glorified ice bath. While I was not wrong on this account of cryotherapy, I can happily admit I am a believer in the whole thing.

In case you did not believe me about the chalk.

In case you did not believe me about the chalk thing.

The Experience

The first thing I did when walking in was fill out a waiver discussing any health issues that I may have: heart conditions, diabetes, skin conditions, etc. While I have none if these conditions and breezed through the paperwork, the waiver is important because while the technology has its fair share of health benefits, it can actually be harmful for those with certain health issues or may be pregnant. Once I completed the waiver, the guy led me back to the dressing rooms, all the while explaining the cryotherapy process. I was to change into a robe, socks, and slippers. I would then follow him to the machine, a large cylindrical chamber of sorts. I would step into the machine, close the door, take off my robe, put on the gloves he gives me, and then stand there in the nude with only my hands and feet covered as the machine cools down to a whopping -155 degrees celsius (about -250 degrees fahrenheit). I stood there in the nitrogen bath for a grand total of three minutes as the attendant and I swapped torn ACL war stories. Once the three minutes was up, I put my robe back on, stepped out of the machine, and changed back into my clothes. That was it. It was one of the easiest ways that I have ever taken an ice bath in my life. My skin was tingling, my endorphins were up (I literally could not stop smiling), and my body was already feeling all of the goodness and in the process of using it to recover from all of the athletic activities that I put my body through on the daily. I felt and still feel great.

What Exactly It Is

In a nutshell, you are stepping into a chamber of freezing nitrogen gas. It is basically an ice bath but without the water, the ice, the bath, and the uncomfortable twenty minute experience that goes along with all of that. You stay dry the entire time and the three minutes goes by in a flash. You get all of the benefits of an ice bath without having to actually go through the dreaded process of stepping into and sitting in an ice bath. It is an athlete’s dream.  


People use cryotherapy for a whole host of reasons. Elite, college, and high school athletes use it to speed up recovery time and increase energy. I went in for my session this morning, and I still have so much energy right now I can barely sit still right now. People with chronic and ailing injuries use it to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and increase their mental health. Older clients use it to increase collagen production, making their skin healthier and looking younger. Those with busy lifestyles who are unable to make it to the gym use it for a workout because who wouldn’t when you burn an extra 500-800 calories throughout the day, all just after one three minute session. Anyone can benefit from this form of therapy: from the greatest athlete on the planet to the most average Joe and all of those in between.

Final Verdict

Worth it! After you get over the fact that you are standing naked in a freezing nitrogen gas machine, you will instantly realize all of the good that it is doing and how amazing your body feels. Your metabolism kicks up, your body is flooded with endorphins and recovery nutrients, and your energy will go through the roof. All of this for just three minutes of the day? Count me in!

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