Review: My Experience With

The following post is an excerpt from a review written by Mai Lyn, the author and owner of Dallas food and fitness blog Deep Fried Fit. To read the full review, click here

Part of my review of the service [] included meeting with a trainer twice to get the feel of the experience. They connected me with Alysa B. and I met her twice at her apartment’s fitness facility.

I really enjoyed working out with Alysa. Being a woman, I was glad FitnessTrainer matched me with a female trainer. You are essentially meeting someone for the first time some where and I was more comfortable with a female trainer. And I’m also glad I was able to take two sessions from her consecutively. She was able to gauge my fitness level and then modified the workout to really challenge me. I used my heart monitor for each session and burned an average of 700 calories. It was also a great opportunity for me to get a good analysis of my own body. I’m a fan of continuous improvement and little things about my form, alignment, and weaknesses make a huge difference.

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