Some Amazing Austin Fitness Startups

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Austin, Texas is one of the fittest cities in the world. As such, this tech-centered city has produced some of the best fitness apps and services in the country (FitnessTrainer being one of them). As an Austin-based company ourselves, we wanted to find what other brilliant Austin fitness startups were cropping up around us. Safe to say, we were highly impressed with what we found.



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If you’re part of the fitness world, more likely than not you’ve heard of MapMyFitness. Started in 2007, the app maps out your routes, tracks your activity, includes a food log, and provides you with a social network of fellow fitness friends. The app was just recently bought by athletic powerhouse Under Armour. Hey MapMyFitness, not too shabby, not too shabby.

Athlete Builder

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Coaches and trainers are important factors to an athlete’s success, but why limit yourself to just them when you also have the entire internet at your fingertips? This is exactly what the founders of Athlete Builder asked themselves. A video-based learning platform, Athlete Builder has an incredibly large collection of of instructional videos from coaches and professional athletes to help you improve. Sign up today and take advantage of all of the athletic instruction available to you.


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Have you ever found yourself dishing over a few hundred dollars on one of those “fancy” activity trackers to quickly realize you just bought a glorified pedometer? What if my activity doesn’t revolve around how many steps I take? Peter Li was not impressed with the trackers already on the market and set out to make something better. Hence, the creation of Atlas, the activity tracker that actually tracks all kinds of activity. Swim, lift, run: you name it, Atlas tracks it.

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