Super-Sized State: Texas Home to 5 of America’s Fattest Cities

A report released by WalletHub earlier this year ranked five Texas cities as being among the top-30 metro areas with the biggest weight problems.

Findings show that McAllen-Edinburgh-Mission, Texas, is home to the highest percentage of adults who are obese,  highest percentage of adults who are physically inactive and fourth highest percentage of residents with diabetes. El Paso follows McAllen as heavyweight champion, pulling the second highest rate of physical inactivity and diabetes in the nation.

An overall ranking of 100 metro areas placed San Antonio as 15th fattest city, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington as 25th fattest, and Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land as 30th fattest.


So is everything really bigger in Texas? It would seem so, according to this report.

But one Texas city is actually among the leanest in America, and that’s Austin-Round Rock, which has the third lowest percentage of residents with high blood pressure and ranks 31st overall for best health. 

Texas as a whole, though, does have some shaping up to do. It’s the 15th fattest state, with a 30 percent adult obesity rate. A 2013 survey of high school students also found that nearly 16 percent of Texas adolescents were obese.


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