Take a Tunnel Walk Under Houston

Downtown Houston Tunnel

I don’t know if you know this, but you can get anywhere by walking under Houston in the Downtown Houston Tunnel! What started as a way to connect three Houston theaters in the 1930s has turned into 7 miles of tunnel under the city, spanning 95 city blocks. The tunnel is great for when the natural elements are not ideal. Is it raining, hailing, or is the summer heat getting to you? No worries, you can still get a walk in. You can even take a tour!

In 1935, Will Horwitz was so in awe of the shops underneath the the Rockefeller Center in NYC that he decided to construct his own tunnel under Houston that connected his theaters, and he filled it with shops and restaurants as well. The tunnel system has now expanded and connects many more Houston buildings than just Horwitz’s three theaters. You can also find pretty much anything that you could want or need. There are restaurants, retail shops, post offices, and drug stores, just to name a few.

Downtown Houston Tunnel map

Downtown Houston Tunnel map

So, leave the car at home and join some of the many Houstonites as they walk all under this Texas town!