The 8 Fitness YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

Buff Dudes Youtube Channel

There is so much content on the internet that it becomes almost impossible to know what’s reputable and what isn’t. Especially when it come to fitness YouTube channels it has been the wild west for years. We feel however, that there are some genuinely helpful (and entertaining…) YouTube channels out there that can help someone of any gender, age and fitness level. Here are the 8 fitness YouTube channels that we’ve deemed, in no particular order, “must subscribe”.

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga isn’t just for the ladies, boys. Quite honestly, if you’re more accustomed to laying under a bench press bar then Adriene’s workout’s will surely be a challenge. Yoga will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.


Scooby is a genuinely lovely man. He doesn’t talk down to his audience and his nutrition and workout videos are great for beginners and experienced workout enthusiasts. Back in 2013 4chan bullied him off the internet, much to the chagrin of the rest of his online community, but he’s back posting videos for the masses.

Omar Isuf

A fitness YouTube channel with a personal touch, Omar stresses”athletic aesthetics” and is constantly pushing himself. This never-satisfied attitude is highly infectious and makes for motivation content.

Melissa Bender

Pressed for time? Looking to incorporate some difficult HIIT workouts into your routine? Looking to spend some time with an attractive and bubbly individual? Well, even though it’s only over video Melissa is joy and her 20-30 minute routines will kick your ass.

Buff Dudes

They don’t take themselves too serious but produce high quality videos that are always chock full of lifting advice. Also their parody videos are always a good laugh.  If you’re looking to spend some time with some down to earth characters who know their stuff these are your guys.


Another YouTuber who gets the editing and video quality can make all the difference. He doesn’t subscribe to the notion that there is just one way to do things which is refreshing in the fitness industry.

Functional Patterns

Not many YouTube channels give as much detail to such a niche subject such as technique and posture. This is a much subscribe channel in that it will help to supplement all aspects of your workouts.


An actually proper channel for lifting enthusiasts that is worth watching for the laughs alone.