The Best Post-Workout Burgers in Austin

Wholly Cow Burgers
Wholly Cow Burgers

Bet you didn’t know that eating a burger after a workout was good for your body’s recovery.

Thank god researchers at the University of Montana recently proved what we had always hoped was true: Eating a beef patty post-boot camp is no different than choking back an unpalatable protein shake or power bar.

That’s very good news for Austinites who love their local food as much as they love their bikes, hiking trails and outdoor exercise classes.

So where should you get your next meal after a run around Town Lake Trail? Try out these Austin restaurants that have received rave reviews for their mouthwatering, lip-smacking, finger-licking burgers.

Wholly Cow Burgers

This South Lamar joint cooks up juicy grass-fed burgers, and even has a paleo option that comes sandwiched between two plump portobello mushrooms. Personalize your patty with tasty toppings like roasted red peppers, fried egg, candied jalapeños and sliced avocado.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

The line is worth the wait for a hefty hamburger covered in fresh, natural ingredients at this famous SoCo spot. Its unique handcrafted concoctions include an ahi tuna treat smothered in teriyaki sauce and a black bean alternative smeared with cilantro pesto on whole wheat bread.

Noble Sandwich Co.


A favorite among Austin locals, this sandwich shop isn’t just serving turkey. Choose between a pork patty slathered in bacon aioli and beef burger under a mound of blue cheese. Pair your selection with scrumptious sides like fries, pork and beans, country potato salad and jalapeño slaw.

Swift's Attic

Every Monday, this Congress Avenue restaurant features a different “Big Ass Burger” that’s exclusively available to 12 lucky diners. Example? A beef patty garnished with ham, turkey and cheese atop a sourdough bun deep fried in Coca Cola tempura. Now that’s a burger.

Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile

This East Side eatery features a variety of lunchtime burgers made with the restaurant’s dry-aged brand beef. For a burger bursting with bold flavors, try the patty topped with pimento cheese, roasted tomato, crispy shallots and arugula.

Casino El Camino

Featured on the Food Network, the three-quarters of a pound patties at this Sixth Street bar are larger than life. Come for handmade, charbroiled Angus beef burgers like The Buffalo, a beef patty buttered in hot wing sauce and blue cheese, or The Pitts, perfected by provolone and sautéed mushrooms and onions.

Counter Café

At North Lamar’s american diner, the recommend burger on the menu is The Counter, a grass-fed beef patty layered with sharp cheddar on sweet sourdough. But guests can also choose between a chicken alternative and black bean and beet option, both coated in roasted veggies and spices.

The Peached Tortilla

Tomato jam, pepper jack cheese, fried egg, tempura onion strings and Chinese barbecue sauce: That’s what’s on the JapaJam Burger, a dinner menu staple at Burnet Road restaurant The Peached Tortilla. You can also find this mouthwatering morsel at Peached Tortilla’s traveling food truck, which stops at various locations throughout the week.

Phil's Ice House

The burger menu is massive at this family favorite that has multiple Austin locations. Just a few of your choices are the cheddar mesquite barbecue burger, the chili cheeseburger on a jalapeño cheese bun, and the 78750 Burger, a patty topped with fried onion rings, bacon and swiss cheese.

Svante's Stuffed Burgers

The grass-fed beef patties at this roaming food trailer come from a Texas ranch with a rich history. Equally as rich are the burgers it serves that are smothered in toppings like bacon-onion jam, farm-fresh egg and local greens. Add a side of Space Jam Fries daubed in jalapeño havarti and garlic aioli for an unforgettable meal.

Okay, I know I missed a few. Which Austin burger joints will you be heading to after your next workout?