The Trending Workouts of the Week

running better

The fitness world constantly changes when it comes to the best ways to stay in shape, especially in our fast-paced and busy American society. So what are the in vogue workouts of the week?

  1. Most fitness nerds know that interval runs are one of the best ways to get into shape. These short and intense workouts increase your endurance, speed, strength, metabolism, and overall fitness level. But if you have ever actually attempted an interval run, you know that they can be a bit hellish. The New York Times tackled this issue and offered a solution to the lack of connection between getting fit and having fun in their appropriately titled article, “A Way to Get Fit and Also Have Fun.” The article offers an interval run entitled 10-20-30 in which you jog for 30 seconds, moderately run for 20, and sprint for 10. You do this a specific number of times depending on your fitness level. With short bursts of sprints in between jogs and runs, the time goes by quickly and you get a great workout in without mentally exhausting yourself. So join me and try out this running workout now!
  2. If running really isn’t your thing, have no fear because you can get in great shape and look amazing with some bodyweight and lightweight exercises. Huffington Post posted an article about “6 Multitasking Strength Training Moves You Need To Try” that will work and tone pretty much every muscle in your body. Because it only requires yourself, a mat, and dumbbells, you can either stay in the gym or take your workout outside. Whatever will make you enjoy it more! Add these movements into your workout regime, and start squatting, lunging, and twisting your way to a healthier you today.
  3. How about all of those fish, or better yet mermaids, out there? Make your workout feel like you’re just splashing around in the pool. Fitness magazine has provided 6 different pool moves that will are more fun than work in “Slim Down in a Splash.” Ditch the laps for a day and try out some of these moves that will make you feel like you’re dancing through the water. Take the family and swim your way to a toner you.

Get outside this weekend and mix up your fitness regime with these great workouts!