Where to Exercise on the UT Austin Campus

ut campus

The University of Texas at Austin ranked fourth in our list of the Top 15 Most Physically Fit Colleges in America. It’s really no wonder why with all of these different amenities available to the student body. With a wide diversity of clubs and intramural teams, the university is sure to meet any student’s fitness needs. So, where should you exercise on the UT Austin campus?

Gregory Gym

gregory gym!

Gregory Gym is basically a fitness paradise. There is space galore and fitness classes available to students and non-students alike. Students can dance, run, lift, climb, swim, and play pick-up sports all in the same building. The center also offers a multitude of fitness classes such as cardio, pilates, swim, and cycling, and they are all for a low semester fee. Not going to lie, I probably would have lived here had I attended UT. Here are just a few amenities that make this gym so amazing:

  • Gym space for 7 basketball courts or 9 volleyball court
  • Indoor track
  • Dance and exercise studios
  • Weight training/cardio gym
  • Climbing wall
  • Squash and rackquetball courts
  • Aquatic center
  • And so much more…

The Recreational Sports Center

rec center

One fitness paradise is not enough. That’s why UT built the Recreational Sports Center. It’s stocked with basketball, volleyball, squash, and racquetball courts, multi-purpose and dance rooms, fitness studios, and more. Just what is the layout for this state-of-the-art complex?

  • Gym space for 3 basketball or 6 volleyball courts
  • 8 racquetball courts
  • 3 squash courts
  • Weight training/cardio gym
  • Cycling studios
  • And more…

Anna Hiss Gym

Anna Hiss Gym

Looking for a smaller and quieter gym. Then the Anna Hiss Gym is for you. While it may lack the space that Gregory Gym offers, it still has features that are appealing to many. Take some dance classes or organize a pick-up basketball game. What does it provide?

  • Half-court basketball gym
  • Dance studio
  • Archery range

Whitaker Fields

ut intramurals

More commonly known as the UT Intramural Fields (for me anyways), the Whitaker Fields is your destination for outdoor sports. The complex is even supposed to be getting a makeover soon! While parts of the complex are in desperate need of renovation (*cough* bathrooms *cough*), the fields are still highly functional for all of your soccer, softball, football, ultimate, etc. needs. Exactly what is available at the Whitaker Fields?

  • Field space that can accommodate up to 18 soccer/football fields or 12 softball fields (and lights!)
  • 1 all-purpose and all-weather field
  • Archery range
  • 40 lighted tennis courts

Caven Lacrosse and Sports Complex

caven lax and sports center

Are grass fields not your thing? How about 2.3 acres of synthetic turf? That is exactly what you will find at the Caven Lacrosse and Sports Complex. You can find soccer, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee games going on all throughout the day. There are even a few lighted basketball courts for night games. Just what are we working with at this impressive sports complex?

  • 2.3 acres of turf
  • 4 lighted basketball courts
  • Jogging track
  • Nice water and restroom facilities

PRC Commons Rec Center


The PRC Commons Rec Center is available for even more gym space! The building is equipped for indoor soccer when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor sports. You can also play some basketball or volleyball, take some fitness classes, or use one of the many cardio machines for a great workout. Here are a few of the amenities the rec center provides:

  • Gym for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, fitness classes
  • Weight training/cardio gym

Belmont Hall

bellmont hall

Just recently redone, Belmont Hall has space for martial arts, dance, soccer, squash, lifting, dodgeball, fencing, you name it. Whatever you are are looking for, Belmont Hall probably has it. Just what is available?

  • Martial arts room
  • Dance studio
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • 1 squash court
  • Weight/conditioning area
  • Saunas