You Won’t Believe These Vintage Workout Videos (1930-1990)

Exercise has changed drastically over the years — and no better is that showcased than in these vintage workout videos that range from comical to utterly absurd. Enjoy a look back at the way women used to stay “slim,” the flashy leotards of the jazzercise era and the fitness advice from the one and only, Marky Mark.


Easy Steps to Slim

“Jerk your knees sharply,” sounds like not a good idea.


Glamour Girls

Let’s work out in high heels.

The male narrator in this video, though …

“None of those spare tires around the middle.”

“This exercise strengthens the pectoral muscles, resulting in a firm breast.”

“You can’t say I haven’t got them rolling on the floor.”

*Just no, sir.*


Bongo Boards

Use at your own risk.


JFK Challenge

Before “Let’s Move,” there was the president’s call for P.E. classes.



“Keep you fit and smiling, sugar.”



America’s greatest contribution to the world.


Marky Mark

Fly honeys.

Marky Mark just gives us so many incredible quotes. I leave you with this:

“People always ask me about, you know, running around in my underwear, and trying to sell my body, but I think I’ve accomplished a lot, I have a lot to be proud of, so why not share with people?”

“Everybody has their own personality, their own person, be pleased with that, you know what I mean?”

“We about to get busy with some fat weights and all that.”

“Me and my assistants we’re gonna mack in the jacuzzi for a minute … and as you can see they look gg-ood. Like always. Remember, ya gotta go out there and work hard and stay focused and get that payoff — it might not be six fly ladies in the jacuzzi but it’ll be sump’n.”