5 Austin Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right Now

Five Austin Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right Now

Do you love easy reads, lifestyle tips and your city, Austin? Then start following these five awesome, Austin-based fitness bloggers who can show you the ropes when it comes to getting fit, eating healthy and improving your overall well-being. These bloggers, who range from bikini competitors to marathoners, will inspire you, motivate you and challenge you to live your your life healthfully. See what these Austin fitness bloggers are saying and read some of their posts about your city, below.


She’s Losing It by Lisa

She's Losing It

What it’s about: Three years ago, at age 38 and overweight, Lisa decided to make a commitment to fitness and lost 50 lbs in five months. She then entered her first bikini competition and has been invested in the world of bodybuilding ever since. A wife and mother of two, Lisa also writes personal posts about family life.

Posts about Austin/for Austinites: “Where Do I Find an Organic Turkey?,” “Calling All Blue Bonnets,” “Pub Run & 4 Pub Reviews,” “It’s Fall Y’all + Pumpkin Pancake Recipe


Crazy Running Girl by Lora

Crazy Running Girl

What it’s about: An avid runner, Lora chronicles her experience running marathons, training and traveling. She also writes posts about health and well-being, reviews products and creates her own recipes.

Posts about Austin/for Austinites: What I thought: Gluten-Free Allergy Fest – Austin,” “The Austin Fit Crawl,” “Friday Five: 5 Things I Like About Living in Austin,”  “Life in Austin


My Fit Family by Nicole

My Fit Family

What it’s about: After moving to Austin from California, and suffering through some hardships and uncertainty, Nicole and her husband, Chris, began My Fit Family to explore health, fitness, and life with their four children. Look for posts about Nicole’s love for running, nutritious recipes kids will love, and product reviews and giveaways.

Posts about Austin/for Austinites: The Austin Marathon Recap: 26.2 Miles of Ups and Downs,” “Five Summer Activities to Get the Kids Moving,” Racing with My Heart on My Sleeve,” “Family Photo Session Tips


The Bikini Experiment by Lauren

The Bikini Experiment

What it’s about: Growing up, Lauren was not athletic. But after a car accident sent her to the doctor, she learned she would need to start working out to feel healthy again. After signing up for sessions with a personal trainer (who is now her boyfriend) Lauren fell in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She writes about organic eats, gym time and everything in between.

Posts about Austin/for Austinites: Austin City Limits Music Festival,” “Summer Style Essentials,” “Navigating the Farmer’s Market,” “Trader Joe’s Haul


The Rundown by Various Bloggers

The Rundown

What it’s about: Published by Rogue Running, a training program and specialty retail store, The Rundown is the Austin runner’s guide to races, conditioning, gear and goal setting.

Posts about Austin/for Austinites: The Top Four Hydration Tips to Survive Running in Austin in the Summer,” “The Rogue Map of Austin,” “Everything You Need to Know About November and December Races in Austin

In addition to reading these blogs, don’t forget to follow The FitnessTrainer Blog for fitness tips, news, resources and more!

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