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Much like our sister company MyTennisLessons, we are your one-stop-shop for personal trainers in your area. By reviewing the local trainers you can find someone to guide you on a lifetime fitness journey. Or you can find someone if you’re finally ready to find out what the heck TRX is. Either way, every individual is unique and we cater to your specific needs. For personal trainers it is a free service that helps automate marketing, billing, and scheduling processes.

On this blog you will find fitness news, workout resources, and stories of our life as a startup. If you’re a personal trainer, fitness fanatic or new to fitness you’ll find a niche on the FitnessTrainer Blog. We recommend that you click around the “How To”, “Resources” and “Fitness Life” sections of the blog. You could find something funny, something informative or even something controversial (*gasp!).

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