Guy Eats Chipotle Every Day, Maintains Six-Pack Abs

via Chipotlife
via Chipotlife

Eating Chipotle every day would make you fat, right? Actually, no.


One 23-year-old dude set out to prove that he could maintain his six-pack abs while also eating Chipotle for ONE-HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR DAYS in a row.

This experiment was no Morgan Spurlock eats Mickey D’s for a month and gets super-sized. Instead of gaining 30 lbs, Chipotle fanatic Andrew Hawryluk, who documents his daily burrito bowl consumption on his blog, Chipotlife, looks like Mark Wahlberg à la the Marky Mark years. Proof:

via Chipotlife

A few months ago, we were all super depressed when The New York Times published an article about how many calories are in a typical Chipotle meal.  While the report said that the average Chipotle order has about 1,070 calories, Hawryluk’s order is a mere 605.

Unfortunately, you cannot ask for extra cheese, sour cream and steak loaded onto a white tortilla and expect to stay fit. However, Hawryluk gets a burrito bowl with white rice, chicken, guacamole, and lettuce every day, and he swears it’s delicious.

In addition, Hawryluk only eats Chipotle once a day, and sticks to a “high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carb” diet, consisting of chicken, steak, salmon, fruits and veggies. He also exercises regularly and admits to having a fast metabolism.

So should you eat Chipotle every day? Probably not. But Hawryluk just proved that you can order a healthy, wholesome meal at the Tex-Mex chain, which is good news for literally everyone because who doesn’t like Chipotle?

The takeaway? Maintain balance in your nutrition regimen. Be smart with your choices, but indulge when you need to. And yes, it’s okay to order chips and queso sometimes.