Healthy(er) Austin Breakfast Tacos

austin breakfast tacos

Breakfast tacos are a staple in the great ATX. Our version of brunch (or just a great breakfast) consists of heading to our favorite breakfast taco trailer or restaurant for plate full of different deliciousness-filled tortillas. Unfortunately, a majority of these famous Tex-Mex spots are not the most health-conscious. Fear not though, we are here to help you order the healthiest options off of your favorite taco menus when you need your breakfast taco fix. Here are our favorite healthy(er) Austin breakfast tacos:


Taco Deli's Florentino and Freakin' Vegan

Taco Deli’s Florentino and Freakin’ Vegan


This Austin-based restaurant is anything but traditional. They’re not afraid to be adventurous when it comes to their breakfast and specialty tacos. Many of their menu options may not fit into a healthy lifestyle, but they have a wide variety of delicious healthier options that won’t destroy your diet.

  • The Vaquero: Enjoy scrambled eggs filled with corn and peppers. Enjoy crunch and flavor with these veggies.
  • The Popeye: Throw a punch like Popeye after eating this egg and spinach taco.
  • Freakin’ Vegan: Get your fill of protein, fats, and tex-mex flair with black beans, avocado and pico de gallo.
  • Vegetarian Florentino: Imagine a bunch of vegetables thrown into a taco, and you will get the Florentino. Bite into sautéed spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions.
  • Mexico City Chicken: Keep it simple with grilled chicken, onions, and cilantro.
  • Tikin Xic: Just added to the menu, this salmon fish taco is lighter without giving up on taste!


Torchy's Taco's Mr. Orange

Torchy’s Tacos’ Mr. Orange


Torchy’s is a little more a treat, but this Texas staple still has a couple menu items that can entice the healthiest eater. To help cut down a little on the calories while adding more nutrients, forgo the flour tortilla and stick to only one of their corn tortillas rather than the traditional two.

  • #5 Potato, Black beans/Pinto beans, Cheese: This basic breakfast taco packs in the protein.
  • Mr. Pink: Seared ahi tuna, cabbage, cheese, and cilantro make up the bulk of this fish taco.
  • Green Chile Pork: The slow-roasted pork will melt in your mouth.
  • Mr. Orange: This salmon, corn, black beans, and avocado salsa taco is perfect for the summer.


La Reyna

Veracruz All Natural’s La Reyna


This no-flash taco trailer cooks up simple, delicious breakfast tacos. All of their ingredients are fresh and they homemake anything that they can. Check out one of their multiple trailer locations and try some of these healthier menu options.

  • La Reyna: Start your morning right with egg whites and a bunch of veggies!
  • Vegetarian: It’s basically La Reyna without the egg.
  • Chicken: Add the works to this chicken fajita for a taco full of protein, fats, and veggies.


Fresa's The Lorenzo

Fresa’s The Lorenzo


Fresa’s may be a little expensive, but this drive-through restaurant makes some bomb chicken. Their tacos are full of fresh and amazing ingredients.

  • The Lorenzo: This egg-white based taco offers a whole bunch of flavor.
  • La Fresa: Enjoy some of their famous chicken with fresh avocado, cabbage, and cilantro.