Must-Have Fitness Equipment for Your Apartment

Sometimes, the weather’s too unpleasant for outdoor exercise or your busy schedule won’t permit a trip to the gym. When you’re stuck at home, it’s important to have an arsenal of fitness equipment at your disposal. But for those of us who live in an apartment, it’s a little trickier to find workout gear that can fit in our compact abodes. Don’t try to squeeze an elliptical machine in your crowded living room — instead get the essentials from‘s list of must-have fitness equipment for your apartment.

Pull-Up Bars

Doorway pull-up bars are an excellent choice when it comes to home fitness equipment because they don’t take up any ground space. It’s also a subtle reminder to work out every time you walk through the door! You can find a pull-up bar for as low as $20 at some fitness equipment stores.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are among the most portable fitness equipment. You can fold them up and take them anywhere. Even better, just tuck them away in a drawer when you’re not using them! If your living space is exceptionally small, check out this list of resistance band exercises that you can do virtually anywhere.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Free weights don’t take up a ton of space, but get even more storage-savvy by purchasing adjustable dumbbells. Some sets come with up to 15 adjustment levels so that you can switch to  different exercises with ease. If you’re trying to build and develop muscle, these dumbbells will allow you to progressively add more weight to your lifts.

Foam Roller

Foam roller exercises are a great way to relieve sore muscles and stretch. They are fairly inexpensive, and a tool you might find useful to have around after a personal training session, athletic practice or any other physical activity. Easily fit a foam roller into a corner or under your bed.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls come in a number of weights and sizes, so choosing one that accommodates your apartment and workout routine shouldn’t be challenging. Whether you want to improve strength, stability or balance, having a medicine ball in your home can help you reach your workout goals. Just be sure not to do any medicine ball slams if you have a downstairs neighbor!

Stability Ball

As the largest piece of fitness equipment on this list, stability balls may not work for everyone’s apartment. If you have a little bit more space in a common-room area, stability balls are a great way to enhance your exercise routine. To conserve space, just use one as a desk chair and workout while you work.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are an essential for any yogi, but they can also be used as a cushion for exercises like crunches and planks. If your apartment has hard floors, using a yoga mat is simple way to give yourself a little cushion, so that you don’t hurt your knees, elbows or back.

Are you ready to outfit your apartment with fitness equipment? Creating your home gym isn’t difficult or expensive if you stick to our list!