New FT Personal Trainer: Melissa M. in Houston, TX

We would like to welcome Melissa M. from Houston, TX, to the team. We pride ourselves on bringing not only quality trainers, but quality people as well, which is why we are so excited to have Melissa on board. If you live in Houston, TX, review Melissa’s qualifications and training experience below to see if they would be the right trainer for you. Again, we are happy to expand our personal training services in Houston, TX, with the addition of Melissa. Sign up with Melissa M. today!

About Melissa
I am a former DI collegiate strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Physiology from Texas A&M University and seven years of experience working as a college coach, college health and fitness instructor, and personal trainer. I have been mentored and learned from some of the best strength coaches in collegiate athletics and have made my career preparing athletes to excel and compete at the collegiate level and beyond. I can help you with goal setting, losing weight, toning, nutrition counseling, getting stronger and faster, flexibility, enhancing performance, and marathon training. We can work around any type of injury you have or have had in the past and still find an effective program for you. I am currently an exercise physiologist working for cardiologists in the medical center, and teaching and training in my free time because I love helping people make positive changes in their lives and succeed

Training Experience: 8 years

Client Success Story
It’s hard to pick out one individual because I have seen a lot. I have had the pleasure of helping athletes go from barely squatting 95 lbs to maxing out in a semester at 200 lbs and seen their game and performance improve immensely –jumping higher, hitting harder, running faster, recovering faster. I have taught many students and clients how to work out properly for their body type and how to properly work out and do exercises correctly … or even just what exercises they should be doing. I’ve had students barely able to run a half mile go on to train and complete 5ks or half-marathons. I am only successful when my clients are successful, and that is why I do what I do.