The 15 Stages of Girls Going to the Gym (as Told by GIFs)

Doing a few crunches isn’t hard, right? Right? I’ll totally feel ah-ma-zing after I run a few laps. Plus, I need something to do while listening to that new Spotify playlist. But I had such a long day at work … and I think I pulled a muscle. Screw it, I’m binge watching Netflix tonight.

Sound familiar? Then you’ll probably recognize these 15 stages that girls go through of getting to the gym, making it through a workout and (somehow) living to tell the story.


1. Realizing it’s been a while since you’ve hit up the gym and also that you’ve had Chipotle, like, three times this week.

Adulthood is going well.


2.  Knowing that you need to exercise, but remembering how much it’s going to hurt.

Don’t put me down for cardio.


3.  Trying to put off any sort of workout as long as possible.

*Comforts self with snacks*


4.  Lying on your bedroom floor attempting to put on running shoes, but getting distracted by the prospect of food.

I folded laundry today. That was enough. 


5.  Initiating positive self-talk. 

If Kylie Jenner can graduate high school, you can make it through a barre class.


6.  Convincing yourself that you will have the body of a professional athlete after this workout.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, here I come.


7.  Making your way to the gym, feeling fresh in your new Fabletics outfit.

Yasss queen.


8.  Starting off really strong, likely because you’re on a caffeine high from six cups of coffee.

Am gym goddess.


9.  Then feeling discouraged because you’ve somehow lost upper body strength since your last workout?!?

Holding a hair dryer over your head for 30 minutes is hard, okay?


10.  Feeling like you’re gonna die after five minutes on the treadmill.

Nothing’s longer than a treadmill minute.


11.  Watching the girl next to you sprint fast enough to keep up with an Olympic running team.

Running out of wine is my cardio.


12.  Then suddenly hearing your summer jam come on shuffle and being all like:

Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader. 


13.  Nearly fainting on the gym floor afterward.

Call 911. I’m dying.


14.  Feeling super healthy and pure for having exercised.

Post up, flawless.


15.  Waking up the next day and being so sore that you want to call in to work.

*Faux cough* I’m sick.

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