The Best Outside Yoga in Austin

Austin loves the outdoors and it loves its yoga. So, why not put the two together for some outside yoga! Many local yoga studios hold weekly classes on the green pastures of our parks or on rowing docks looking out onto the water. Take your yoga outside and find your serenity while surrounded by this beautiful city.

Austin Parks has put together a whole host of free yoga classes throughout 2015 entitled Yoga in the Park. Different yoga studios such as Yoga Yoga and CorePower Yoga lead yoga classes at different parks all over Austin. This includes, but is not limited to, Republic Square Park, Wooldridge Square Park, and Stacy Park. Bring your friends, your mat, and some water and enjoy some of the best yoga classes that Austin has to offer.

yoga in the park


iGnite is Austin’s premier fitness community for women. The program is built around the model that a strong healthy body also fosters a healthy mind. Women are inspired to reach their own potential and goals while also helping their fellow women to do the same. Among many other fitness classes that they offer, iGnite provides multiple yoga classes at the Rowing Dock and the Texas Rowing Center. Join today to enjoy some yoga on the docks!

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