The Best Shoes for Every Workout

The Best Shoes for Every Workout

What’s the most essential piece of equipment for any workout?

Believe it or not, it’s your shoes. Fitness footwear needs to be specific to the exercise you’re doing to prevent you from suffering through pain or succumbing to an injury. How awful would it be if you were hurt while exercising because you didn’t pick the proper pair of sneakers? In order to help you start your fitness routine on the right foot, has some suggestions for the best shoe for every workout.


A combination of weightlifting, HIIT, plyometrics and a variety of other exercises, CrossFit needs — you guessed it — a crosstraining shoe. The crosstraining sneakers you need for this high-intensity workout should provide adequate support for powerlifting, yet also be lightweight enough to accommodate running short distances. While you could probably find a number of shoes that fit the bill, why not purchase a pair from CrossFit’s most trusted brand, Reebok? The company’s line of CrossFit footwear and apparel has 107 different varieties of shoes, including some pairs for as low as $100. If you’re serious about CrossFit, investing in a pair of Reebok’s is definitely worth the Benjamin.

CrossFit Shoes

Trail Running

If you like running on trails, you’re probably someone who enjoys minimalism in your exercise routine and being one with nature. While running barefoot on a trail could lead to some serious injuries, a nice alternative are Vibram FiveFingers, a brand of shoes that embrace that natural feeling while also being super protective. Specialty shoes made for the outdoors have water-resistant skin, durable midsoles to provide cushioning on rocky surfaces and lightly cleated bottoms to give you traction. They’re also machine-washable, so get them as dirty as you please!

Trail Running Shoes


The fashionable fitness fanatic who’s always on the go deserves a pair of shoes that fit her lifestyle. Whether you’re headed to Zumba class with your personal trainer or making a run to the grocery store, Rio Soul shoes are a stylish choice for the modern dancer. Inspired by the rhythms of vibrant Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rio Soul’s Free Spirit line embraces the design of dance and ballet shoes. The sneakers range in color from bubblegum pink to berry shades and their thin and lightweight form is perfect for Zumba, dance, yoga and even cycling. You can find pairs starting at around $55, and the best part is that shipping is free.

Zumba Shoes


Do you need to splurge on fancy footwear for lifting weights? Nope, your classic Chuck Taylor high-tops will do just fine. Veteran weightlifters know that Chucks are your best bet for exercises like squats, bench presses and deadlifts because the canvas lining is lightweight, but the high top provides sufficient ankle support. In addition, the flat sole of a Converse is especially ideal because it keeps your feet firmly planted on the floor, allowing you to feel the energy of the lift moving downward through your legs and heels as you push up.

Powerlifting Shoe


So, are you ready to go shoe shopping?