What You Probably Didn’t Know about the CrossFit Community

You always hear people who do CrossFit talk about the “CrossFit community” and their “CrossFit family.” A lot of people who hear this kind of talk immediately roll their eyes and call it a cult.

Well … the community is real!

The gym is nothing but a building filled with people trying to be healthy and basically become the best version of themselves. All these people come from different backgrounds and live totally different lives, but for one hour, they are together working toward the same goal. They sweat, struggle and sometimes bleed with each other. (Relax! I said sometimes bleed!) They see each other with all guards down, with full-on vulnerability. They support each other in their fitness journeys. They watch one another do things they never thought possible and, in doing so, become each other’s inspiration.

This support and drive to reach a goal follows everyone out of the gym. The people that you lean on during your workout will continue to be there for you even if it’s not fitness support you need. They are there to celebrate with you when you succeed in life. They are there when you need concert tickets or a table at a crowded restaurant. They are there when you need legal advice, girlfriend advice or anything else. And the beautiful thing about it is that it doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, etc. A 50-year-old mother of three can call a 23-year-old college student for help with her social media! These are friendships and relationships built on support and positivity, something you don’t get from watching fitness tapes or running on the treadmill at your local “globo-gym!”

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it turns out that you may still need that village as an adult to make life easier. If left to your own devices what all could you actually accomplish? Everyone needs assistance. This is why consultants, advisors, coaches and trainers exist. We are experts of our craft and live to help others succeed. The CrossFit community gathers passionate, like-minded individuals together. You have access to so many resources when you are a part of a gyms’ community. This community also extends outside to others gyms as well. There are countless CrossFit competitions throughout the year where athletes from all surrounding gyms come together to compete. These are like huge parties and everyone is there to support one another. Basically, it’s a huge networking event. So now you are a part of a community/family that can include thousands! And ALL of them want to help each other! It’s crazy and way too good to be true.

But, maybe, this community is exactly why CrossFit has grown so fast over the past couple of years … just sayin’!