Where To Eat Healthy And Delicious Food In Dallas

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Dallas is often pegged as the ‘City With The Most Restaurants Per Capita’. While Big D is busting at the seams with steak houses, BBQ, and Tex-Mex, there is definitely more to find than these traditional Texas staples.

While some enjoy exploring the evolving food scene in Dallas, others would prefer to go straight to a healthy, local and reliably delicious meal on the double.

So, we chose five of our favorites:

Where: HG Sply Co.

Why we love it: HG Sply Co. is making paleo cool. Their menu is incredibly inventive and full of clean, memorable flavors. Hunt and gather, people.

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Photo credit: @officialhgsplyco Instagram

Where: Company Café

Why we love it: Company Café is a real trendsetter. They’ve been doing natural, grass-fed and gluten free since 2011. Go ahead and indulge on this unique comfort food!

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Photo credit: @karikriewald Instagram 

Where: Crisp Salad Company

Why we love it: Crisp Salad Company understands the power of a truly great salad. They believe in quality and know that healthy, delicious food isn’t always accessible. Their hand-crafted salads will leave you full, satisfied and guilt-free.

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Photo credit: @crispsaladcompany Instagram

Where: Start

Why we love it: Start knows that you don’t always have time to do what’s best for you. They’re here to help. These quick and healthy options make your busy day a whole lot less hectic. Don’t let busy get in the way of feeling good!

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Photo credit: @startrestaurant Instagram

Where: Spiral Diner

Why we love it: Spiral Diner has served organic vegan food in the DFW area since 2002. From an excellent beer selection and great coffee, to blue plate specials and custom vegan cakes, Spiral has something to satisfy appetites of all kinds.

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Photo credit: @spiraldiner Instagram