Work Out Like Rocky Balboa at these Philadelphia Locations

Yo, Adrian (and everyone reading this blog post) — want to work out like your favorite fictional Philadelphian, Rocky Balboa? We can’t promise you’ll have a flock of devoted kids following you up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but we can show you which Philly running route will make you feel like a champion and the neighborhood boxing gym that will help you channel your inner Sylvester Stallone. Get ripped like Rocky at these local Philly spots.

Gonna Fly Now

It’s possible to recreate Rocky’s epic training montage, and in fact, many Philadelphians do when they participate in the Rocky 50k Fat Ass (Fat Ass meaning, “No Fees, No Awards, No Aid, No Wimps”) each year. The free walk/race is scheduled for December 9 this year, but if you want to check out the route sooner, here’s turn by turn directions.

Italian Stallion Style

Sprinting up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art is sure to give you a good workout and will probably make you feel as euphoric as Rocky when you reach the final stair. Take Rocky’s routine to the next level by skipping every other stair as you run. A few years ago, Philly fitness blogger Leslie (who we we love, by the way) took the challenge of figuring out how many trips up and down the stairs you would have to take to run a mile. It’s 12. Think you can do it?

Beat Apollo Creed

While Rocky’s beloved gym, Mighty Mick’s, isn’t actually open, you can find a similar joint in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. Front Street Gym, as one patron described it, “is not for the faint at heart.” Another visitor praised it by saying, “Nothing pretty, clean or soft about this place, which makes it the best boxing gym in Philly.”

Break the Ice

Rocky didn’t do much skating on his date to the ice rink with Adrian, but you can cool down after a workout this summer at a number of indoor skate houses in Philly. Skate for free at Laura Sims Skate House, Rizzo Rink, Scanlon Ice Rink, Simons Recreation Center or Tarken Ice Rink.